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 Belance is large and unique blockchain platform which combines many opportunities in one platform.

Hire Blockchaine and IT Freelancers By Paying Via Cryptocurrency 

Belance is an easy and fast way to hire blockchain experts and IT freelancer directly from your home to your project. Guess what! You can even pay BTC, ETH and ERC20.

Get your Blockchain Queries, Answered! 

One of the features for you to use which will be integrated into the Belance Blockchain platform, is the addition of post and blog posting interface with the best SETKA redactor.

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The ERC20(ERC20) Token Introduces Belance. A large unique Blockchain platform, 

which combines many opportunities and connects everyone in Blockchain


Hire Blockchain Experts 

Dive in Blockchain World

explore Belance  platform

Introducing The BELANCE 

Revolutionizing the Blockchain by more modern, demanding and 
easy to use features.


Get the exact required solution for your altcoin problem on the Belance.


A trusted and modern workplace for blockchain geeks.


Unlike other blockchain platforms, Belance instigates latest and easy-to-use user interface.

Belance is a large unique blockchain platform which combines many opportunities and connects everyone in the blockchain world.

Whether you’re building your new project or searching for
something unique, Belance is the first platform where there are unlimited opportunities to connect and discuss with others

 regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Also
 connect with professionals to help your own project by hiring a specialist to complete a specific task within your project.
Promote and advertise your own skills and specialities to clients. Ask questions on any topic related to the blockchain or become
 a blockchain blogger. Belance is a one stop place for everything
 for everyone who is interested in or connected to the blockchain world.


Along with safe and secure transactions, the Belance features:

Q/A & Blog

  • Ask Blockchain queries

  • Get your query, answered

  •     Receive Regular blog updates


  • Latest User Interface
  • Updated Technology

  • Get Benefit by Spending Hours on Forum

  • Get Help by Real Experts

  • Updated Technology

  • Check Users Rating


  • Hire Blockchain Experts Online
  • Pay via Cryptocurrency

  • Secure Transactions

  • Disputes for unsatisfied deliveries.

Real token utility!

Freelancers Will Use ERC20 Token To Promote Skills.

Freelancers are sorted by reputation by default. The more reputation you have, more likely to land more jobs. Use "PROMOTION AND BOOST" services to get more rating. 

The rating will always allow you to be in TOP and be noticed among others that allows attracting much more attention to your skills, own works in portfolio, articles, activities, profile and etc.

Employers Will Use The Token To Promote Orders.

Employers are sorted by latest placed orders in categories by default. The more reputation you have, more faster to find executor or team you looking for. Use "PROMOTION AND BOOST" services to get more rating. 

The rating will always allow you to be in TOP of category you need and be noticed among others that allows attracting much more attention executors to your orders, accept much more applications for an order execution and evaluate works of executors.

You Can Earn ERC20 Token As A Moderator On The Belance Platform.

Moderators will earn tokens for the activity and help on the blockchain platform. Every moderator can more than double the tokens for each dispute he solves successfully. People that want to work as moderators will be guided to start their career.

ERC20 Token Will Be Used For Option of Secure Deal 

The Secure Deal/Safe Transaction allows a users to make settlements through the website using it as a guarantor, therefore feeling more protected from possible violations from either party with regard to the obligations that they assumed. In turn, the service provides an arbitration process in the event of disputable situations.

The Token Will Be Used As A Payment Method For Advertising 

Others different ICO projects and partners will have opportunity to pay for advertising on Belance Blockchain platform. Best targeting platform of blockchain industry. Banner system with detailed statistics for each banner for entire time or selected period. Service will accept ERC20 token as a payment. 

Token Structure

Smart Contract: 


Token name: ERC20 

Ticker: ERC20 

Token Symbol: ERC20

Decimals: 18

Total supply: 13 billions

Circulation supply: 80,123,456,899

Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible.

13 billions

Total Supply

80 millions

Circulation Supply

Advanced Blockchain Technology

High speed and cutting edge technology on the blockchain giving a reduction of risks in case of tech failure or time delays.

Diversified Investment Opportunity

The ERC20 Token is a growing currency which will be adopted as a payment gateway.


Based on popular Ethereum ecosystem, the ERC20 Token will be used as a method of payment on the Belance platform.

Exchanges Belance ERC20 Tokens 


Volume 24h - 7 353 907 USD

The easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe

ForkDelta is a decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange

Decentralized exchange for Ethereum assets

TokenJar is a robust decentralized exchange for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

Decentralized crypto-banking and home of #IDEX - the first real-time decentralized exchange

Partners Belance Platform


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Belance platform Back-end Developer Tamaranga team

Wallets Belance ERC20 Token 




The ERC20 Token

Since the ERC20 Standard has now been widely adopted and it has been put to test repeatedly. This means the Erc20 Standard token has become a staple in the ICO industry.

Main aspects of the ERC20 tokens are:

They can be accepted by most exchanges instantly, 
from a technical perspective.


Most Ether wallets can automatically store any new tokens created.


Holders of the ERC20 Token have the rights to sell or exchange tokens whenever they want.


For the user, the acquisition, storage and subsequent sale of ERC20 tokens on exchanges or other wallets, is easy.


News about ERC20

About Belance

 Belance is an easy and fast way to hire blockchain experts and IT freelancer directly from your home.


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Token allocation:

- Started ICO 21.10.2017
- Ended ICO 22.03.2018
- Started Price 0.05$
- Raised 8300 ETH
- Sold 50.000.000 ERC20 Tokens
- Free Airdrop 13.000.000 tokens
- Swap OLD SmartContract  to New Tokens 12.000.000 ERC20
- Bounty 8.000.000 ERC20
- Sold for Listing Exchange 7.000.000 ERC20
- Cold wallet Team for develop Balance platform - 12.920.000.000

Belance ERC20

Smart contracts:

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